Monday, March 1, 2010

St David's Day, 2010

- St David's Day, March 1st, is always an important celebration for those of us who belong to the small but proud nation that is called in English, Wales, but in the Welsh language is known as Cymru. But in the turning of the year and of the seasons it is also a huge psychological turning-point. Winter is still with us, and there is the hint of more snow for Long Island this week, but surely spring is around the corner. It is fascinating in that people here still moan about winter weather, yet seem to have forgotten that the brutal night and early morning temperatures of 22 degrees Fahrenheit are now behind us, and that we are above freezing point for most of the time.

Of great importance to me is the fact that the ice on the local ponds and inlets has melted, and as a celebration of this (and a glove-down challenge to spring to arrive early!) I have bolted a pair of kayak "hull-raisers" back on the roof of the Toyota where they belong. If the wind dies down I may be able to get back on the water within the next week or so. It has been too long. Far too long... (Anyone want to come with me..?)

- A good basketball game this afternoon against the girls of Prince of Peace School in Sayville. The "gals" of Our Lady of the Hamptons overwhelmed them, but with sporting restrain claimed a 36-20 victory. On the scoring bench there was great chat and bipartisan humor! No issues or contentions. And I thought to myself, what friendly people! Their coaches, scorer (Kathy,) parents and team. A very pleasurable experience. Worth an hour's drive. And they even served food after the game. Hot dogs, but I missed out on mine. Thanks, Jess!

- I am really struggling with my Lenten discipline of no chocolate, candy, cookies, cake etc. It is now almost two weeks. People were so generous in giving me truffles and more on St. Valentine's Day. They sit there, staring at me...

- Please, Leo, come back from Miami Beach soon. I need a good haircut!

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