Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Evening Musings

After a delightful dinner with Eric, Kay, John and Annie, and a most relaxing day (if you can count preparing and cooking relaxing) I offer a few nuggets regarding this day, the Sixth Sunday of Easter.

A hearty attendance at both masses today. Combined numbers are in the three digits... Many new faces at the 9.30 service... (I really must remember more of their names...) ... N was there, a stranger to the congregation, large, tipsy and kind. He cried at the communion rail, and loudly muttered. "May God have mercy!" There was something beautiful about that, and about him making others uncomfortable.

This evening we dined outdoors, and what a delight it was.

This evening has been gently warm, and hopefully a sign of good weather ahead. And yet even at sixty-five degrees Kate is complaining and searching for her portable fan. To compensate for this the ceiling fan in the sitting room is running at warp speed. To think that a mere eight weeks ago there was still a remnant of ice on the deck and we were all complaining about the cold! Memories are so short.

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