Sunday, June 26, 2011

You get what you (don't) pay for - and home-made is best!

A spurious little blog entry this evening, as I've been testing a home made a.m. loop antenna which is the first one I've built in decades. The last one was about four time the size of this one, but current space demands a more modest array. Made from off-cuts of wood and wound with approximately thirty-five metres of fine gauge wire, I even stained it dark mahogany to make it look more presentable. The good news is that it works! At about 2215 local I was listening to a station from Worcester, Massachusetts. A discussion of the Easter Island statues. The bad news is that the receiver I was using, my only digital a.m. tuner was complete rubbish. But then it was given to me by a local thrift shop (in return for a small donation). It has all the right looks, knobs and LCD display, but the digital tuning is off by 10 khz. So I now need a good, accurate a.m. receiver with digital tuning, without spending too much money. The hunt is on!

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