Sunday, October 16, 2011

Of communion, corn, and cooking...

Today has been a wonderful day of fellowship and fun in this small village parish. The weekend weather has been warm, if a little breezy. (Yesterday’s bride at the late afternoon wedding nearly had her veil blown into the traffic on Main Street!) And although leaves are late in changing color, there is a strong autumn hue to every aspect of the countryside.

But not necessarily every aspect of the people. This is the weekend of what is called the Hamptons Film Festival. I’m not absolutely sure of what this is, or where is takes place, but it certainly brings some rum folk into town. I am not one for generalizations, but they all seem to adopt a certain style or image. Within these fashion parameters include the wearing of sunglasses at all times (and no, they are not prescription glasses;) black clothing, and a totally lost expression. They are also on the hunt. The opportunity to sight film stars on Main Street is amplified beyond belief. There was a report that Robert De Niro was seen yesterday. Now with the deepest respect to Mr. De Niro, who I’m sure is a decent enough chap, I do not know what he looks like so I cannot contribute to this speculation. I wish Leo still had his perennial barber shop, forced out by a greedy landlord, and now occupied by a rather useful seasonal beach fashion boutique. Leo would know. Leo saw and knew everything. Perhaps that’s why the nuovo ricci and associated club members wanted him to leave.

This afternoon was the annual Sunday School trip to the local corn maze. (Non – U.S. readers: A maize maze!) We met at the usual venue, Fairview Farm in Bridgehampton. And we had fun. Some ate the delicious and freshly cooked potato fries and shot potatoes at a target with the pressured air guns. And a group of us eight went into the corn maze. And even walking the two sections were out within thirty minutes.

Forgive my traditionalism, but ought not a maze wall, corn or hedge, to be above head height? Well this one was about waist high, so it was comical to see other groups looking at us and probably thinking the same thing! And feeling a total sense of letdown.

Sorry, Fairview Farm, I know that your maze was hit by a tropical storm, but to continue to charge ten dollars per person to wander your wreckage? And two dollars for a five ounce cup of cider? Please stop ripping us off.

The evening was superb. Thanks to Doug and Kathryn, and a host of parents, children and others. What could be better than a gorgeous sunset, delicious food (did I mention the roast potatoes?) and great company? And plans for the parish! An up and coming well of people and ideas. We are blessed!

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