Friday, December 16, 2011

Bethlehem Minus Eight, and Counting …

The forecast rain had held off, and so yesterday afternoon provided my with a chance to complete what has evolved into a family tradition since we first moved in to our house in 2002. The tradition of “Dad Putting up the Outdoor Lights.” The family laughs at me, they tease me – but then they put pressure on me when not so much as a single bulb has been set in place by the end of the first week of December.

It all began in December 2002 when we bought a large illuminated grazing deer which, on account of the motor and piston within, silently moved its head up and down as if feeding on vegetation. Perhaps we also bought a string or two of colored bulbs as well that year, I really can’t remember. What I do recall is that by the next year a second deer had appeared, and numerous strings and mats of many lighted colors were in place mid-way through Advent. Let’s now call it the “glittery slope!” Every year saw the stock of decorations increase. Snowmen, penguins, bears. Then a lobster in 2007. Striped candy canes, a Dickensian lamp post with flickering light; a spiral Christmas tree – and even another deer! And hundreds of yards more strings of all colors.

A rod for my own back? Perhaps, but once in the mood great fun – and a challenge to arrange them differently every year. This year’s addition is a cluster of flashing bells over the front door, and a star fixed on a tree at a height of fifteen feet. Problems have already occurred. Last night’s wind blew over a penguin, a candy cane has failed and stubbornly refuses diagnosis, and we have been reminded not to plug in the vacuum cleaner while the decorative lights are on. The fuse will blow!

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Saintly Ramblings said...

Not nearly enough lights. Go out an buy some more!