Friday, May 8, 2009


And you can't really get more local than that! Mecox Bay is a big water to the south of Bridgehampton and Water Mill, a mile by a mile and a half in size, and my favorite access is under the road bridge where a channel joins Mecox to Sam's Creek.

Time: 2.30 pm
Weather: Started off dull and misty, but cleared up beautifully
Wind: SSW 10 mph
Air Temperature: 60F
Water Temperature: Bay was above 50F. The ocean was cold, very cold! Yes, I did dive in. Didn't stay in long...
Distance: 2.5 miles

The pictures tell a better story really:

Sam's Creek Bridge...

After a mile, turn south towards the "cut."

This is a narrow stretch of beach that divides Mecox from The Atlantic Ocean. In winter many storms scour away the sand and flood the bay; in more temperate seasons huge earth-movers are brought in to drain the bay from time to time.

The sand dunes to the east of the channel:

And over the beach to the ocean. Rough and cold, but I simply had to dive in, because... well, because I had to! I was wearing a shortie wetsuit, but that didn't help much because it has more holes than a swiss cheese, some of which are ... well, the least said the better.

All in all though, what a stunning spot!

A mile return paddle, with a lot of drifting with a perfect wind at my back, under the bridge again, and home!

Oh, and did I mention that the sermon is finished?

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