Thursday, July 23, 2009


Leo is, for the first time, actually talking about retiring at the end of next year!

Starbucks Bridgehampton is experiencing a high turnover of staff. Why?

The Bridgehampton Presbyterian Church has been struck by lightning – again! Why?

A new tapas restaurant, Copa, has opened in School Street. Must try – after Labor Day, of course!

(Overheard outside Starbucks. Man to woman.) “If this relationship is going to work you’ll have to do something about your teeth and nose.”

(Overheard inside Starbucks. Woman to man.)
“Hon, try to look less Italian.”

(Woman on cell phone outside De Petris wine store.) “Would you like me to be somewhere I am not?”

And finally, for now…

(Overheard in Citarella this morning.) Is this coffee organic? If I drink it, and it’s not, my masseuse will be able to tell.”

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