Tuesday, August 4, 2009


It is as if someone, at some point during the past week, threw a switch. Yes, July was busy enough, but now? People and traffic and attitudes have doubled, and it is truly August in the Hamptons. The whole scene and atmosphere is too big, too complex to describe in limited lines, and so two general headers will have to do for starters. More to follow.

On the road. And by the road I mean Route 27, or the Montauk Highway (or the Sunrise Highway if you live out of area.) Between mid-morning and late afternoon traffic will slow to a crawl in both directions. Even the back roads are now being discovered. But guess what? Stop complaining. There’s nothing we can do about it. We just have to sit back and go with the flow, or lack of. And definitely be amazed and saddened by the standards of driving that urban visitors bring to our East End roads. They mustn’t be judged too harshly, for most of what they do is out of ignorance and the fact that they suddenly find themselves outside of the grid of a city. They simply have no clue how to deal with a four-way stop, are baffled by speed limits, and somehow have picked up the notion that the shoulder is a passing lane. Unbelievable but true! Overpowered cars being driven by underpowered drivers? Come and see, but allow extra travel time in the middle of the day.

Restaurants. Forget it, except at the beginning of the week and if you really enjoy early, early dinner. Even if you do get a table (and a table is a table in August. Don’t even think about being picky.) you will probably end up being irritated by the loud and arrogant party at the next table, who think they’re somebody, but actually are merely the loud and arrogant party at the next table.

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