Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Leo is quite bemused! Apparently every time he goes into Starbucks he sees individuals and groups of people wearing funny clothes and tight boots. I pressed him for further details but he simply shook his head and continued to smooth hot foam across my neck. Then it dawned on me. The horse show is in town! The annual Hampton Classic, when huge (and I mean huge) and shining horse wagons arrive from all over the USA with riders of all classes and ages. Great fun? Yes, if you can navigate through the over-priced tat and clothing, suffer the food court and generally ignore the corporate hospitality areas, the inhabitants of which seem oblivious of the fact that riders and their beasts are actually competing in a beautiful sport. One small question however. Is it necessary for men and women to parade on Main Street in their jodhpurs and boots? In the early morning? I think not. Poseurs, ou non?

Enough of Bridgehampton! This time last week I was walking up and down Commercial Street in Provincetown, Cape Cod, and the following was noted:

- Two complete strangers met outside a news-stand, one walking a large, black dog. The other offered to hold the dog on a leash while the first went in to buy his paper. This offer was gratefully accepted. Then came the question, “Is he friendly?” The answer. “No, not really.” I have never seen a man stand so still for what was less than two minutes, but probably felt like fearful eternity!

- A small porcelain plaque on the wall of a house: Those who wander may not be lost.

- Two men walking arm in arm along the street, one greeting friends loudly: “Hello, it’s me! And look at my new hairdresser!”

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