Friday, October 2, 2009


- Where did September go?

- Leo the barber is in economic mood, given the change of season. I went for my monthly shear, his first customer of the morning, and he was sitting in one of his chairs reading a newspaper, sipping his Starbucks coffee, and wrapped in at least three layers of coat. “It’s cold!” “But Leo, what about the heating?” I asked. “Too expensive. Not until November.”

- Rural ministry has its wonderful and unexpected benefits. This morning’s funeral visit to a family in Sagaponack began with grief and condolences, continued with good conversation as we planned the service, and ended with us pulling an armful of huge fresh leeks from the field for me to take home. I will braise two of them, and make soup with the rest!

- The deer rutting season continues on my front lawn. We awoke yesterday to find sections of the grass completely turned over, as if by a rotor tiller! Two stags had clearly decided to square up to each other on my grass. I wonder who won?

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