Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fast Repast!

Before enjoining readers with deep and disturbing book titles, an evening moment to celebrate simple food. I don't have a name for this meal, but it was prepared and cooked in the spirit of Lent - without much fuss.

Brown some chicken pieces in a large pan. I halved some breast and threw in a few boneless thighs. Then add about ten new potatoes or fingerlings. Peel a couple of parsnips and cut into inch long chunks. Then peel ten cloves of garlic, but leave them whole. Throw them all into the pan with about two cups of good chicken stock, some fresh, chopped rosemary, salt and pepper, Cover, and cook over a low heat for an hour. Then remove the meat and vegetables to a platter (and keep it warm) and reduce the stock by half before pouring it over. Serve with a simple green salad.

Cooking time aside (time for study, thought, homework, chores, pleasures) this recipe is quick and easy. The greatest time is that spent browning the chicken and cutting the vegetables, about eight minutes.

As an observation: After dinner I saw a TV ad that commended browned chicken breast and chopped vegetables with a can of Campbells condensed soup poured over... C'mon! All that produces is high salt, highly processed pigswill! Don't even think about that suggestion. Remember - it's all about thinking about food and what goes into a meal. And an adjustment of kitchen style. Good food, simple food, healthy food doesn't take long to prepare and cook.

Maybe Lent is a good time to realize that!

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