Saturday, February 20, 2010

A typical Saturday evening ...

... Usually finds me cooking and wondering about tomorrow's mass and worship. Tonight was no exception, as I stood over the pan of chicken and pancetta risotto and thought about how my thoughts and suggestions for daily spiritual life in Lent might be received. Well, I hoped (and hope.) I am framing the homily with sage quotations from George Herbert, my icon of a country priest, and we will see.

Today has been a quite remarkable and delightful day spent with my daughter Kate. With gift cards and allowance money to burn she was eager to visit a "real mall," so the two of us drove to Smithtown. Music in the car, chats, silences, laughing at silly texts and calls, and then two hours shopping. Well, not my shopping, but I am glad to see that Abercrombie and Finch continue to offer plush leather club chairs for those visiting, but not actually trying on clothes. As a company of their pedigree would surely do! Alas, they no longer (as I once experienced in one of their finer country clothing stores in Edinburgh) offer a "wee dram" for "Sir, as Ma'am is otherwise engaged." But who knows?

Lunch in the Cheesecake Factory, a crude title but an excellent restaurant, and then on to old Smithtown to one of my favorite model shops. And then home, both of us tired but happy. Such days are worth more than gold, and to be treasured even more than finest gold.

Now, full of that risotto, and sipping an average Cabernet, I will shortly read through my notes for the morning and then retire.

Oh, and my first devotional Lent book? Apologia pro vita sua, by (Cardinal) John Henry Newman.


Saintly Ramblings said...

As further Lenten reading I would recommend "If you see George Herbert on the road, kill him". Really good dissection of the ole of a priest today in a post-Herbert world.

Saintly Ramblings said...

er ... "ole" should be "role"

Saintly Ramblings said...

And it's "meet George Herbert", not "see".