Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ramblings in Riverhead, April 21, 2010

It's been a while since I was last here in the county town of Suffolk, that rather personality-challenged settlement where the North and South Forks join the rest of Long Island. In fact I think that there were small piles of now in dark corners that long ago day. It doesn't matter. Neither should I give Riverhead too much of a hard time, for over the unforeseeable future I will be spending quite a bit of time here, either through my daughter's education, or else my own (now promoted) area responsibilities. So I guess I'll grow to like it better. It's not that bad a place (well, it is somewhat ugly) but the problem is that the true blue pleasures mostly involve spending money. In other words Riverhead is a shopping destination, whether to the major stores along County Road 58, or that satellite of shopping, the Tanger Mall. (Angels and ministers of grace, defend us.)

Yet for me, if I visit for reasons of family or work, Riverhead is a place to have a good cup of coffee. That good cup can be made to last quite a while, so that is money well spent. Sadly the local branch of Starbucks is tucked away in the (Lord, have mercy) "food court" of the aforementioned Tanger Mall, but Seattle's Best coffee shop in Borders is simply wonderful. I scribbled these words, fueled by a perfect cappuccino, lazing in a comfy leather armchair. Yes, money well-spent.

This morning was the delightful occasion of Kate, together with others being inducted into the National Junior Honors Society. Congratulations to them, and thanks to those who came as already inducted members to explain and to support and encourage. It was a time of pure optimistic joy, yet tinged with sadness.

I have enjoyed this chair, and the coffee even more. Now I must up and go to Walmart of all places in search of a cat litter tray. Such missions enrich and give life deeper meaning, you know! My closing thought is that which I pasted on Facebook about twenty minutes ago:

"Cappuccino is as close to being a sacrament as it could be, without being one."

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