Wednesday, December 15, 2010

And speaking of signs...

A number of large, lurid crosswalk signs have appeared on Main Street, Bridgehampton, each one marking - yes, the four crosswalks. They seem to have appeared overnight, which is highly unlikely as highway workers do nothing at night except sleep. Needless to say their sudden arrival is quite a talking point on account of they being totally out of keeping with the rest of the permitted signage. To put up any sign in this designated historical district one has to have it assessed and approved various regulatory bodies, and that's no mean feat. Even the traditional (and corporate) "The Episcopal Church Welcomes You" was deemed by the Town Board to be unacceptable. So what of these bright yellow intrusions? Ah, they're New York State signs, this being a State Highway. That explains everything. I'm willing to bet that they didn't have to consult local authorities before adding insult to prevent injury.

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