Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's a wrap!

Pure self-indulgence, I know, but after a long day I'm relaxing with a martini and feel content with what I have achieved. The day began with my driving excited, giggling, Christmas-filled girls to school, and then spending an hour in a supermarket with the first part of the weekend food and drink list. (It wasn't at all busy, and no-one was rushing. I even found time for a leisurely cappuccino at Borders.) School pick-up was after mass at 10.00. Was it worth it, this two hour school day? Many parents no doubt thought not, or said not, but I disagree. The end of term mass was important to the community, as was the chance for students to give and receive their personal gifts. And they didn't complain. What are the priorities of some of these parents?

The next few hours was spent running errands, buying the meat for Sunday's "open house" party; collecting an order of petit fours, two bottles of champagne, one of Calvados; taking a mountain of plastic and cardboard to the recycling center, and then, in a basement room, pulling out bags and boxes containing the secret fruit of the last few week's Christmas shopping. A quietly happy time followed, as gifts large and small were carefully wrapped in colorful paper. A thoughtful, and even nostalgic task which I have always enjoyed, for it is as if the ghost of Christmas Past visits me at this time, and as I cut and fold and tape, I remember many days, people and conversations.

Now done, I can reflect some more.

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