Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Winter's Wednesday's musings

And it certainly was. The forecast snow arrived early. Too early for some, as by 9.00 people were calling me to make travel excuses because they simply couldn't make their appointments. I gazed out of my window at the mediocre flakes, and offered a prayer of thanks for a window of opportunity to go to Cittarella for a mug of fresh French Roast coffee. Thankfully Shawn Phillips from Episcopal Charities Long Island was made of sterner stuff, and we enjoyed a delightful meeting, laughing off those who find any excuse not to meet and commit to good causes - of which there are many.

School pick-up at noon. Icy, treacherous roads. Great cappuccino at Borders. Delicious sandwiches to go at Subway, Riverhead, made by a delightful, smiling Bangladeshi women of whom we could not understand a word!

Late afternoon fire in the hearth. Much email and Facebook communications for fun. Delicious dinner. Great episode of MI5 on DVD. Embers still glowing. I have reversed the car onto the end of the driveway, but as it struggled to cross the existing ice and snow at the edge of the road I worry about the storm to come.

And come it will, after midnight.


Saintly Ramblings said...

Someone somewhere once said: "Can any one of you change anything by worrying?" So sit back, relax, and if when you draw back the curtains all you see is 6ft of white stuff, enjoy the day that is given.

PS: It's trying to snow a little here as well.

T said...

A wonderful thought. I pulled back the curtains to see six inches of snow, and did indeed enjoy the day!