Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sad Partings.

There is an empty shop on Main Street. Yesterday I watched as men wearing overalls and carrying clipboards and toolbags moved around inside, pointing to various corners and nodding. They stood where the table carrying five-year-old copies of National Geographic and AutoCar had stood. They pointed to the space where two adjustable, worn upholstered chairs had held countless thousands in their turn. And to the rear door, around which the hot shaving cream dispenser had been hidden.

For Leo has eventually packed up his scissors and razors and left. An unwelcome and enforced retirement, but how can a barber compete with the greed and intentions of those who wish to maximize the profits made on their building. You see, it's easier to cite market forces than it is to cut a perfect sideburn.

Thank you, Leo, for years of haircuts and conversation. A cut above the rest.

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Saintly Ramblings said...

Where will the young men of the area get their weekend supplies? "O tempora, o mores" as Cicero said.

And will we see a long-haired Rector?