Monday, July 11, 2011

A Rather Good Summer Supper

Before I publish the previously announced posts may I simply say what a lovely day off this has been, culminating in a rather good evening meal. And yet a very nervous cooking challenge in an area of cuisine in which I have had very little experience. True barbeque.

Among my Monday morning chores was a visit to the supermarket. I had already scouted out the pork section a few days ago, and was happy. I brought home a nine pound pork shoulder on the bone. Perfect. I trimmed off the hide and excess fat, and let it come up to room temperature. Simple. Then I checked my other ingredients. One Weber kettle grill; quality charcoal. hickory smoked wood chips (soaked for hours)and confidence. Ah. The last ingredient was missing.

To date, you see, barbequing (sic) has been a form of cooking that was easy. One, to which I had become used. It involved a fire, and a grill,and an approach to cooking that involved "over the stove" vigilance. And of course it worked. Especially when the fire was on a propane grill. One turn of the tap, and one click of the ignition, and the oven was at 600 degrees Fahrenheit in twelve minutes. Now charcoal is different.

I stoked up the coals about 1.30, and by 2.00 they were ready. Then I moved them to one side of the kettle, scattered some hickory chips over them, and placed the meat on the other side over a drip-tray. Lid on, vents only slightly open. Check every hour and add fresh coals and chips if needed. Replace lid.

The pork was removed at 7.30, and needless to say was mouth-watering. Served with home-made cold-slaw and local corn. Slow food indeed!

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