Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back, but where to begin?

I returned from the United Kingdom last evening on a smooth and timely flight courtesy of Sir Richard Branson. His airline must be considered as, in my opinion, the most British of airlines, which scuppers the company which pretends to be so, yet as a pretender is all too often betrayed by the surliness of its heavily unionized staff. And even now I am not quite in the right o'clock. Tired? Certainly not! I was tired five hours ago when it was UK bedtime, but have since cooked a meal for the family and cleaned up afterwards. I have also been reminded, via Facebook (of, or is it in which I have re-engaged, but within limited criteria, but that's a blog yet to be written) that these columns are in anxious need of updating.

This short visit to Worcester to celebrate my mother's pending eightieth birthday (September the second) was loaded with both present subjects on which to write, and reflections on which to dwell. Over the next couple of weeks I hope to do justice to these notes of mine, as well as complete two "Floridian" articles. Oh yes! We have also had a tropical storm in these parts over the weekend. I cannot write about that experience as I was not there, or is that here? But may comment about the media chatter before, during and after this storm.

And I also have photographs. Many photographs of these few days. Hopefully they will fulfill that ancient Chinese proverb. I will leave it to you.


Anonymous said...

A picture is worth one thousand words?

Tim Lewis said...

Yes -you got it!