Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I had to hang around Bridgehampton this afternoon for various reasons, and thought I would get out of the office and enjoy a good (medium size, with extra shot!) cappuccino in the local Starbucks. Now this is a comfortable and very pleasing Starbucks, unlike many other local branches, and a little historical as it grandly occupies the ground floor of the original Bridgehampton National Bank building. (Even the original bank vault door is preserved at a part of the interior decor - and the regular staff are wonderful! )

Whilst sipping my coffee I also wanted to write a blog - live blogging as it were, observing what was around me - as I knew that every North American branch of Starbucks has WiFi. So, at my table I opened my MacBook and attempted to log on to this wonderful network. I then discovered that if I wanted to do so I had to pay either a one-off fee of $3.99 for two hours access, or commit to a monthly fee of $19.99.

C'mon Starbucks! Get with it! Lose ATT or renegotiate the franchise. Most other local WiFi is free. The Hampton Jitney, Panera, Hampton Coffee Company etc.

I like your coffee, but it is now getting cold.

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