Tuesday, March 17, 2009


The snow has now melted, except for a few small piles left over from the plows. The temperatures are in the high 40s. All ponds and creeks are now ice-free, and my kayaks are ready to go! Although the geese are still patiently waiting for nature's mysterious signal, smaller birds are so much more active, and the demands on our feeders are great.

There are other, more unnatural sounds and signs that welcome this season. I realized this driving away from Kate's school this morning. The iconic Hampton landscaper combo (large truck with cutting equipment trailer in tow) moving at high speed, and cutting in on existing traffic, praying that police are not there to either fine them for various misdemeanors, or check their legal status as workers. Yo no hablo Inglés señor. Yeah. Really.

Also the school softball season practices started this afternoon. I've really missed the basketball games, and it was so great to see the same girls, plus many others, get together at Red Creek. I just wish more parents could make it, but realize that I am fortunate in, however one describes it, just being able to be there.

Of course it is St. Patrick's day. A celebration of a Welsh bishop, also a Roman alumnus, who was ordered by the Church to take an unruly people in hand. How popular ignorance reigns! Have I eaten the American-Irish creation of corned beef and cabbage this evening? Certainly not. We enjoyed gnocchi alla bolognese, and the only green on our plates was the salad!

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