Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday in the chair

Time for the regular visit to Leo's barber shop for a trim, and to catch up on village events and opinion. Being the first customer of the day does however mean that there are no conversations to enjoy while waiting, so this morning it was a real one-on-one with Leo.

Topics discussed? Oh, the seasons, in particular the summer. And rent, especially rent. And Leo explained his theory that during and leaving a recession the landlords are the biggest problem within any local economy. When their income, based on local trade, is low they raise their rent in order to raise more money for themselves - and as a result the renter is often forced out, thus diminishing the local trade even more. Makes sense.

And Leo's lease is "up" at the end of this year. He's told me his business plans but has sworn me to secrecy!

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