Thursday, June 17, 2010


And Sheldon Harnick was never more right when he wrote those words for Fiddler on the Roof. For where do the sands of time and life go – and go so quickly?

Today was Kate’s last day at Our Lady of the Hampton’s School. She finishes eighth grade and begins High School after the summer months. A special morning? Not really. The obligatory (traditional!) photograph before getting into the car for the seven mile drive to school. Few words spoken, and the journey was easy. Turn into Maple Lane. Pull over. Stop. “Bye, dad. Love you.” And out of the car.

I have vivid memories of the first days at OLH when I had to walk her down the school yard, and she would hang back until she saw at least one face that she knew. Then and only then would she let go and leave me.

Walking back to the car was never immediate. Some days it could take half an hour! Mary would be there, and Nora, with a dog or two. Sometimes Carl. Sometimes others. Always we would linger and chatter, often complain or laugh about the very same individuals that parents now grouse about! Nothing changes under the sun. Except people getting busier. It seems that we were never busy back then, never rushing away to work or whatever.

So today I feel more than a pang of sadness for a chapter of life that is rapidly drawing to a close, and nostalgia for simpler days. Selective memory and wishful thinking? Oh, probably both, but don’t spoil my hidden tears. It’s all about a father watching a beautiful girl grow up too quickly.

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(Sorry, but I can never hear OLH without a smutty titter .... at the old rhyming slang ... Hampton .. Hampton Wick ... etc. So as for having Our Lady of .... Oh dear. I feel a smirk coming on.)