Thursday, June 3, 2010

Is anyone out there?

I don't read my own columns very often but occasionally check this blog to see what's been hapenning, and imagine my surprise ten minutes ago when I saw that another reader was visiting at the same time. A circular "blip" showed that someone in South India was also on the page. I wonder who? And where? And why?


Jane T said...

Hi Tim,

I am out here! :o)

I have just reached your blog - via a comment on the FB page of Kevin Crinks - which i have "liked"!

It's very late Saturday night/early Sunday morning for me - and I am procrastinating BIG TIME regarding an essay for Uni...St Paul and Women!

I am also a candidate for Holy Orders in Australia (Melbourne)...

I will come back and re-visit your life IS full of surprises!!

pax e bene

T said...

Great to "meet" you, Jane T. Good luck with the essay and all hopes for your vocation and future ministry. Do you have your own blog?