Wednesday, April 1, 2009


After a chilly, damp day, there is nothing like a hearty Italian supper. And tonight's meal involved good sausage. Now I'm sticking my neck out here, but after sampling many products, I have to come down in favor of the home-made sausages made by Villa in East Hampton. If Scotto's of Hampton Bays are good, Villa is then superb. (As for Premio, and other supermarket brands. Well, the word junk springs to mind. They are about as Italian as my aunt Gwennie, and there are cheaper ways of supporting the processed food industry) But with Villa, simply opening the parcel of sweet sausage filled the air with a fresh smell!

We had bought four thick sausages, plus a cheese and parsley wheel. Then the cooking. I like the method described by Antonio Carluccio whose books and broadcasts are famous in Europe. His original recipe calls for real luganiga sausage, but try getting hold of that on the East End of Long Island. (Grace's Market on the Upper East Side however ...) So get the best local sausage available.

Fry in extra virgin olive oil in a large pan for five minutes each side. Then splosh in at least two cups of red wine. Place sprigs of rosemary in between the sausages (Although tonight I used dried rosemary.) Cook until the wine evaporates, and serve with .... well we had baked potatoes, carrots and a spinach salad. Lots of work? You are kidding me! I got home from church after Lent Evening Prayer and homily at 6.30, and the meal was on the table by 7.15. And plenty of time to slurp red wine! Buon appetito!

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