Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Easter weekend is now over, and rural minds such as mine turn to the ground beneath our feet, the garden and general estate, and the projects and hopes for the growing year.  As I write there is a huge tractor-like machine (with enough levers, knobs and pedals to keep me happy for a while, except I'm not allowed to drive it!) parked outside, which tomorrow will transform the driveway.  But that's all structural and necessary, not to mention expensive  No, my mind in April always turns to growing things, and dreaming up ways to expand the "farm" as I affectionately call it.  And prompted by the delivery of a small, experimental greenhouse, my plans have gone into overdrive!


Over recent years the crops of small (i.e. grape and cherry) tomatoes have been very successful.  Last year the introduction of one large variety (Best Boy) and Heirlooms worked well and boosted my confidence.  There was also an experimental planting of two varieties of aubergine (eggplant) that exceeded expectations, and a (catalog-bought) method of growing tomatoes upside-down that ... don't ask!


So, brimming with nervous confidence, the plan is this:  Expand the "farm" with a new ground bed of 20 square yards, cut down an annoying tree to increase light in the area, and carefully plan crops.  It's all very exciting - more to follow...


Plus a new kayak launch in the Sebonac area, hopefully Friday!  Spring in the air!

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