Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Back behind my desk for the first time in nine days and it is fascinating how well the organization runs itself during my absence! No decision-making though, illustrated by the fact that I have in front of me (awaiting urgent attention sometime …) a large sheaf of notes, ideas, suggestions that I have to read and decide on before giving them an imprimatur (or not!) Tomorrow, maybe tomorrow.

Setting administration aside, and isn’t it wonderful to be able to do that from time to time, I am aware that I am pastorally out of touch with a few issues and situations, so I will be making quite a few visits or phone calls this week.

On a lighter note I have just spend twenty minutes in Leo’s chair where, in addition to the haircut, he has reassured me of the economic upturn that lies ahead. He believes that we are going to have a busy summer, and I sometimes trust his judgment. And on the political front, he has officially pronounced that “this Obama seems a good guy.” Now coming from a man who was also an admirer of Vladimir Putin this may not represent a high level of political acumen, but it should send a warning to pollsters and pundits everywhere.

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