Sunday, April 12, 2009


After this particular Easter Day my energy reserves are now officially empty.  Totally drained, fit for nothing, like a spent battery ready to be thrown away.  Few understand this, but that's what it's like after an intense Holy Week, and the Easter Day liturgies simply finish off what strength is remaining.  But, sipping on the last of what was an excellent Pinot Noir, I must reflect on the day that has been ...


The two Paschal Masses this morning were milestones in the history of this parish.  In terms of attendance we didn't merely break the record books.  We tore them up, as people kept coming and coming through the doors. At the first mass, having ceremonially carried the paschal candle through the church, I looked down at all those faces and, yes, I shed a happy tear, and felt totally humbled. 


After the first mass, having said "Happy Easter" to the hundred or so visitors, it was good to relax with my own parishioners.  And they know me so well!  What did so many want to talk about?  Food.  What they were cooking, and what I was cooking.  So after a relaxed Easter Sunday afternoon, when we have celebrated the resurrection in ways liturgical and musical, I can discuss ways culinary:


Boneless leg of lamb, rolled in oregano seasoning.  In the final stages a crust of herbed chopped tomatoes, and a top crust of garlic seasoned breadcrumbs applied.

Grilled zucchini slices.

New potatoes, finished in butter.

Spinach salad.


And then the "chocolate decadence" dessert baked yesterday, served with white chocolate cream, and a small glass of the excellent Spanish dessert wine:  Bogedas Julian Chivite (1999)  (I've had that bottle in the store for three years, so it was about time I opened it.)  Delicious!


All that good food and excellent wine gave me a little more strength, but now my last reserves are fading.  I have a few days of doing nothing.  Time to re-group and re-charge!  That I will, and hopefully meet up with friends as well.  Happy Easter!

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